Google Analytics




The transition of stores to the Internet has created new opportunities for retailers: analyzing the performance of e-commerce has become a must for retailers. In this sense, the American technology multinational Google, developed in 2005 a software to analyze all aspects of an e-commerce, is what we know as Google Analytics.

In this white paper we will see reports on different sections of the website and the use that users make of them.

In the preceding sections we can find:

  • Set-up: how the Google Analytics account should be configured for an e-commerce.
  • Audience: what kind of users access our website.
  • Acquisition: how they access your website.
  • Behavior: this is the section we will now look at, it contains information regarding how users behave on your website.

This white paper is aimed at retailers with a superficial knowledge of the Analytics tool, so we will focus on the most relevant reports for online stores. The most important sections of the behavior section and the ones that we will cover carefully are "Site content" and "Site search".

Who's this guide for?

This white paper is aimed at helping novice users of Google Analytics trying to improve and optimize the usage of Google services. Make the most of your e-commerce by applying analytic tools.