Google Ads for your Ecommerce business:

strategy in the search network



Google Ads is an indispensable platform to advertise your articles and reach a wider audience. The advertising tool is an essential service for e-commerce and retailers. Through Google Ads you will be able to maximize your profits and increase the conversion rate of your products. But do you know how to optimize your ads to increase traffic to your website?

This white paper aims to discuss the different Google Ads strategies that we can use to increase our ecommerce sales through the Google search network. The knowledge you will acquire at the end of the white paper will allow you to understand how the Google search network works and how to choose the best campaign to promote your ads in an efficient and effective way. 

In the next pages we will focus on the following strategies:

  • Search campaign by business area
  • Search campaigns by product categories
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Search campaigns for competitor traffic
  • Brand campaigns
  • RLSA

Who's this guide for?

This white paper is aimed at helping current users of Google services trying to improve and optimize the performance of their Google Campaigns. A certain level of expertise on Google Shopping and Google Ads is preferred to fully understand the content of this white paper.