Google Ads for

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EN - Whitepaper Google Ads Display Network


Advertising online can become quite a challenge if you don’t have the necessary tools and knowledge to do it properly. Besides, given the considerable level of competition among e-commerce stores in the internet, it seems crucial to know how to optimize and maximize the results of your advertising campaigns. Learn the benefits and strengths of each strategy and optimize the results of your Google Ads campaigns.

This white paper aims to help you by providing you with the necessary knowledge about Google Display Network and the key strategies to let you reach new users and foster old visitors to convert.

We will give you a comprehensive insight on Prospecting and Retargeting strategies. Depending on the needs and the strategy you want to employ for your business, you may need to run one technique or another.

Who's this guide for?

This white paper is aimed at helping current users of Google services trying to improve and optimize the performance of their Google Campaigns. A certain level of expertise on Google Shopping and Google Ads is preferred to fully understand the content of this white paper.