Brands Digital Transformation

Driving business growth through online product analysis




Consumers shop now in a different way — reprioritizing what is essential and swapping the checkout line for online shopping more than ever before.

Now, what is the main challenge faced by brands when it comes to digital transformation? The quality of information about sales channels and products themselves.

This is what makes the real difference between businesses developing a strong online presence and thus, driving growth, and those others that are still struggling to get a solid picture of what is happening in online sales channels.

The key to a solid business strategy finds its foundations in rich product data and the way that this information is distributed across sales channel partners.

If you are a brand willing to succeed in its efforts towards Digital Transformation, register now for this webinar and find out more about this key data and how to lever it.

Who's this webinar for?

The insights provided in this webinar are of interest to all those departments seeking up-to-date and valuable information on their main markets and sectors of operation. This data can be of great interest to the following departments and roles: Sales, Marketing, Market Research, Ecommerce Managers, Data Science and Product departments.