Industry Insights:

Analysis of prices of brands and online stores in the category of Fitness in Germany



This Netrivals Industry Report includes a sample of products and brands in the category of Fitness in Germany. We have carefully analyzed product data across sales channels to extract valuable information about:

- Product distribution per brand and store
- Average prices per brand and store
- Evolution of prices for the given time of the analysis
- Price reductions and increments detected per store and brand
- Extent of price changes throughout the week
- Detection of recent product launches

This Report offers a comprehensive analysis of over 763,961 products. This high volume of products is due to the fact that Netrivals analyzes all the existing variants for a single product, given that all of them have different EAN codes. That is why, in this study, we have included all the product variants that have been detected via Netrivals’ Big Data. Thanks to this, we can ensure that we have a comprehensive view of changes occurring in the categories analyzed, and if those changes have an impact at a variant level. It is worth noting at this point what we understand as a product variant: any variations given for a specific product, such as colors available, something that may affect the price.

The products analyzed belong to 8 different brands and 16 stores of a category that is one of the most popular categories of online sales regarding volume.

This report has been made via BI Netrivals technology and it takes into account some of the most relevant online stores and brands in this category.

Who's this report for?

The insights provided in this industry analysis are of interest to all those departments seeking up-to-date and valuable information on their main markets and sectors of operation. This data can be of great interest to the following departments and roles: Sales, Marketing, Market Research, Ecommerce Managers, Data Science and Product departments.